Location Photography - Site Preparation Checklist

* Description of the Building/s
* Occupancy
* Location Name/Address
* Elevation of Front of Building - South Facing/East Facing etc - Determines time of day front of building is in sunlight - if at all
* Name of Contact Person at Site
* Contact Number for this person - landline or mobile
Details of any restrictions in terms of access for Photography
Restrictions to watch for

Are there any meetings or events scheduled for the day/s of photography?

Are there any construction works on site (scaffolding or cordoned off areas) that will affect important photography views?

One of the most important photos will be the front elevation of the building - it is essential that this area either is or can be cleared of cars whilst this is happening. Please check in advance that if cars are parked in this area that the owners are available to move them when required.

Please bear in mind the timing of this photo may be dependant on sun elevation/optimum weather conditions (blue sky etc) and so it is not always possible to determine in advance the timing of this aspect of the photography.

It is important to capture all images at one visit to the site as a revisit to the site would involve additional costs.
* Car Parking
Is it possible to move any parked vehicles to facilitate photography of the front of the building
* Are the areas for photography tidy and in a ready state for photography
It is important that the areas which will be the subject of photography are clear of clutter and are reasonably tidy. The photographs must represent you in the best light and attention to detail is therefore important in this area. (Obviously minor items of tidiness will be attended to by the photographer on the day)
* Are there any Works ongoing that are likely to impede photography
If the answer to the question above is YES please supply details here
* Are there any Meetings or Events ongoing on day of photography that would restrict photographers access for important photographs
If the answer to the question above is YES please give details here
* Your Name
* Position/Role
* Date
3 + 2 = This helps us prevent spambots.

Clients should ensure :-

1. That an on-site contact can facilitate access to all areas requiring photography.

2. That the premises are in a ready state for photography.

For sites not under your direct control this may need specific undertakings from the person in charge of the site

(Undertakings given to the photographer by that person that are not adhered to will be your responsibility

and in such cases additional charges may apply)

These charges are necessary to cover time allocated to making the site ready for optimum image creation or retouching to edit out debris or untidy/unsightly elements which would negatively impact the final images.

In the event that another visit is necessary because of either of the above the additional cost of this will have to be bourne by the client.


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