Cosgrave Homes - Built with you in mind

November 18, 2014

It was good to see Cosgrave Homes receive an award for their  HoneyPark Energy Management Project in the recent EnviroCom Awards for 2014. This follows on the prestigious SEI award in 2013 and is a natural progression given the level of innovation they brought to energy efficiency with the development of Lansdowne Gate, Drimnagh back in 2006.

See article  by OMP architects detailing the advanced measures used to achieve enviable energy ratings

I enjoyed working on their projects at locations such as Edengate, Riversdale and Lansdowne Gate. Everything they do is people centered and it is really a mere extension of how they would like a home to be. In particular, I was  impressed with the landscaping detail at each location. One of the following images shows the magnificent elegance of existing trees incorporated in the finished landscaping - preserving a wonderful country feeling of openness and space.

Again, in Riversdale you can witness the careful planning and location by the river with lots of open space. As a photographer, you deliver your best work when your client is customer driven. At Riversdale, I prepared a series of wall mounted Dibond prints throughout the corridors to reflect the elements of the landscaping.

As a future project, I will look back at these and other developments to witness how they have matured. 

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