The fol­low­ing are some cli­ent testi­mo­ni­als for Michael O’Farrell Photography

If you would like to speak to any of these people to verify the authen­ti­city of these recom­mend­a­tions
I will be happy to give you their con­tact details.

Geor­gina Corscad­den of Peak Con­nexxion Training

Michael is a con­sum­mate pro­fes­sional which made doing a video easy and really brought to life what we were try­ing to achieve. They (Michael & his col­league Kevin) were unob­trus­ive and yet man­aged to cho­reo­graph us all gently so as not to dis­turb our meet­ing, but yet enable us to get the best from the video exper­i­ence.

Geor­gina hired me to pro­duce this video in July 2014

Elaine Cal­lan of Carvill Rick­ard Soli­cit­ors, Raheny

Elaine hired me in May 2012

Seamus and I would like to thank you for mak­ing a pain­ful pro­cess almost fun.
You put us at our ease and we are really pleased with the res­ults.
I tried to recom­mend you on LinkedIn but it is more com­plic­ated than it looks.

Bar­bara Mon­ahan, Cube Design

Top qual­it­ies: Great Res­ults, Per­son­able, Expert
“Hav­ing worked with Michael on a photo shoot recently, I felt very strongly that I had
to come here to LinkedIn and recom­mend him.
He has been won­der­ful to work with and has pro­duced some really amaz­ing shots.
His skills are end­less and is great with both people and build­ings.
He is very calm and easy going, and was able to tap into my vis­ion and that of my cli­ent very quickly.
Pure Genius!!” March 2, 2011

Zoe Faulder (cli­ent) Black­hall Pub­lish­ing

Top qual­it­ies: Great Res­ults, Per­son­able, Cre­at­ive
“I would gladly recom­mend Michael to any­one look­ing for a pro­fes­sional pho­to­grapher.
The qual­ity of the pic­tures he provided was fant­astic and his easy per­son­able demean­our
made the whole pro­cess of get­ting them taken very pleas­ant.”
April 5, 2011

Kieran Murphy Insur­ances (cli­ent)

Top qual­it­ies: Great Res­ults, High Integ­rity, Cre­at­ive
“I have no hes­it­a­tion in recom­mend­ing Michael for his work and his con­stant ded­ic­a­tion to excel­lence.
I have dealt with and recom­men­ded Michael on numer­ous occa­sions and he has always provided
and given of his best.
He spe­cial­ises in Busi­ness, Prop­erty Pho­to­graphy.
He does a great job for all occa­sions.
He’s very pes­on­able and takes time to listen to his cus­tom­ers needs.”
Novem­ber 8, 2010

Val Tevlin Design (cli­ent) Archi­tect

Top qual­it­ies: Expert, High Integ­rity, Cre­at­ive
“Michael’s pro­fes­sion­al­ism and exper­i­ence were evid­ent in everything he did and was refleced
in the excel­lent qual­ity of the work pro­duced.
But I must also observe that his intu­it­ive under­stand­ing of my needs made a dif­fi­cult
and com­plex job much easier to com­plete.
I know we will work together soon.”
March 9, 2010

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