Colourful Interior at T2

Colour Lines at Terminal 2

Col­our Lines at Ter­minal 2 Dub­lin Airport

Col­our­ful Interior at T2

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from a recent Com­mer­cial Assign­ment to doc­u­ment a new high cal­ibre reception/dining facility

being launched by a large air­line com­pany at Ter­minal 2 in Dub­lin Airport.

In this instance the cli­ent had a 24 hour dead­line
to have the final images issued to an exec­ut­ive at their headquar­ters abroad
for a cor­por­ate presentation.

This was accom­plished within the required time­frame
and cli­ent was able to review and down­load images to their desktop.

I am illus­trat­ing here a method of present­ing imagery of your com­pany facil­ity , ser­vice or product

that can be imple­men­ted online and intro­duced via your LinkedIn, Face­book Busi­ness or Twit­ter account.

Other options include pdf or html present­a­tions online or indeed a com­bin­a­tion of both.

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