Video — Peak Connexxion Training Limited

I recently worked with a remark­able lady ‚Geor­gina Corscad­den, CEO of Peak Con­nexxion Train­ing to pro­duce a video to high­light an inter­cul­tural busi­ness exchange pro­gramme they oper­ate. The pro­gramme is packed into an intense week of activ­ity and inter­ac­tion for the vis­it­ing group, in this case , from Ger­many. The par­ti­cipants got to meet people from industry such as the Irish Export­ers Asso­ci­ation, IDA mar­ket­ing spe­cial­ists, lead­ing innov­at­ors in retail­ing such as Dun­drum Town Centre and even a min­is­terial meet­ing and tour of Dail Eireann.

The chal­lenge here was to cap­ture the essence of this and to get the views of par­ti­cipants as to the bene­fits to their own businesses.

It is cour­ageous to invite video into this mix given the hec­tic sched­ule of events.

How­ever when you engage with Geor­gina and Peak Con­nec­tion you know that the res­ults are going to be very pos­it­ive and worthwhile.

Kilmacud Crokes Careers Evening

‘First Step’ Careers Event at Kil­macud Crokes — 27th Feb­ru­ary 2014

Kil­macud Crokes Busi­ness Net­work
Thursday, 27 Feb­ru­ary 2014 from 20:00 to 22:30 (GMT)

Are you look­ing for a new job or sum­mer work in 2014? Does your com­pany have short or longer term work oppor­tun­it­ies? Can you help fel­low club mem­bers to make con­tacts in your industry? Come along to this event for club mem­bers and par­ents of junior mem­bers, where you will learn some of the key secrets to find­ing work in today’s mar­ket.Get help with your CV

Find out how best to con­nect with poten­tial employ­ers.Make new con­tacts.Get tips on appro­pri­ate use of social media espe­cially LinkedIn.

If you’re look­ing for work, or can help other mem­bers who are job­seek­ing please register today! at http://​kil​macud​ca​reer​net​work​ing​.event​brite​.ie/

This even­ing will be hos­ted by Robert Molo­ney in the Func­tion Room and will include
8.00 — 9.00 Informal Net­work­ing / CV Clinic & Feed­back
9.00 — 9.10 Wel­come & Open­ing by Kevin Foley, Club Chair­man
9.10 — 9.45 Secrets to Suc­cess in your Job Search — Liz Bar­ron, Career Coach, Work​link​.ie
Liz will out­line the most effect­ive strategies to help you con­nect with pro­spect­ive employ­ers and find the roles that fit you best, how to use social media appro­pri­ately in your search and mak­ing use of your net­work and con­tacts.
Liz is a Career & Man­age­ment coach who works with the not-for-profit organ­isa­tion Work​link​.ie to help unem­ployed job­seekers develop the skills they need to find their next role.
9:45 — 10.00 Open floor to poten­tial employ­ers who wish to talk about oppor­tun­it­ies
10.00 — 10.30 Net­work­ing & CV Clinic
Net­work­ing with mem­bers from a range of dif­fer­ent sec­tors such as IT, Mar­ket­ing, Design, Fin­an­cial Ser­vices, Account­ing and many oth­ers.
CV & Career Clinic — with advice and feed­back from Work­link career coaches
Bring along your CV for feed­back
10.30 Finish

Dragon Boat Races — Dublin 2012

Grand Canal Dock on Sat­urday was host to a won­der­ful group of people com­pet­ing in this Dragon Boat Racing event.

My interest arose from my involve­ment with CoWorkinn, based at the IMI in Sandyford.

Mike Han­nigan mar­shalled his team with great enthu­si­asm on the day and were you might say ‘pipped at the post’ in their cat­egory final.

The Tall Ships Festival in Dublin

The Tall Ships Fest­ival in Dublin

Last week­end brought hoards of people on to the streets to wit­ness an inter­na­tional fleet of mag­ni­fi­cent sail­ing ves­sels and won­der­ful dis­plays by their crews. My per­sonal favour­ite was the Mex­ican Navy Cadet train­ing ves­sel ‘Cuauhtemoc’ built in 1982 in Bil­bao in Spain. It made a most impress­ive depar­ture at the end of the fest­ival on Sunday with many of its crew mem­bers aloft in the rig­ging. Some images cap­ture this as it passes through the East Link Bridge.

Related Images:

Mike Hannigan explains the Coworkinn concept and how the idea is gaining popularity

Mike Han­nigan of Coworkinn at IMI Cam­pus Sandyford

Mike Han­nigan explains the Coworkinn concept and how the idea is gain­ing popularity

The Coworkinn concept is just what is needed right now and deserves great sup­port because it has enorm­ous poten­tial for self employed people.

In this short video I explore with Mike how he came to start Coworkinn.

He out­lines some of the bene­fits and talks about why it came to be loc­ated at the Irish Man­age­ment Insti­tute Cam­pus in Sandy­ford, Co Dublin.

The video also explains how net­work­ing plays a nat­ural role in the coworkinn concept and how mem­bers are more likely to col­lab­or­ate much more than com­pete with each other.

Web Video for Vincent Byrne of Busi​nessShould​BeEasy​.com by Michael O’Farrell

It was enlight­en­ing to work with Vin­cent to pro­duce this video. He expressed a pref­er­ence for a con­ver­sa­tion piece

format where he describes what has shaped his think­ing and poses some ques­tions that people should be ask­ing themselves.

Could you as a busi­ness owner/professional derive bene­fit from using web video in this way.

Kilmacud Crokes Business Network Launch New Website

Thanks are due to Bar­bara Mon­ahan of Cube Design for her immmense effort in get­ting the Kil­macud Crokes Busi­ness web­site up and running.

She has designed a very styl­ish and user friendly site for our net­work group which meets once a month on the 2nd wednesday.

On wed­nes­day the 14th March, mar­ket­ing guru John Jordan address our group on how to mar­ket our busi­ness on a zero budget.

This will be a very motiv­at­ing and inform­at­ive talk.

Any Glen­albyn mem­ber who is run­ning their own busi­ness would be well advised to be there.

South Dublin Services Business Network — Guest Morning at Killiney Castle

South Dub­lin Ser­vices Busi­ness Net­work ‚which I am presently chair­ing, are hold­ing a guest morn­ing on Tues­day next 6th March start­ing at 7am.

The guest speaker is Richard Cul­len of Action Coach, who will talk about the ‘Chal­lenges facing us in busi­ness at the present time’.

Each guest will have an oppor­tun­ity to intro­duce them­selves to the group with a 60 second intro.

If this is of interest and your busi­ness is not already rep­res­en­ted within the group then please call any mem­ber of South Dub­lin Ser­vices net­work to reserve a place.

See mem­ber list at South Dub­lin Ser­vices website


This event is FREE and light refresh­ments will be provided .

Portrait Photography Gift Voucher or Certificate Online

Give a Por­trait Pho­to­graphy Gift Voucher or Cer­ti­fic­ate for an indi­vidual or fam­ily por­trait in 2012.

Por­trait Pho­to­graphy Gift Voucher/Certificate avail­able to suit every budget , start­ing from €75 which cov­ers the cost of a 1 hour sitting.

A Por­trait Pho­to­graphy Gift €100 voucher/certificate will cover sit­ting fee and a 7×5″ photo in dis­play folder.

There is NO EXPIRY DATE applied so the voucher can be used at any time after pur­chase whether 6 months or 3 years afterwards.

Vouch­ers can be used for any pho­to­graphy ser­vice offered by me includ­ing framed/unframed images from the Gal­lery Pages.

You can order Por­trait Pho­to­graphy Gift cer­ti­fic­ates online from my pho­to­cart at www​.mofar​rell​photo​.com/​p​h​o​t​o​c​art

CoWorkinn Article in Sunday Times 04.12.2011

OFFICES WITH NO POLITICS — Busi­ness Sec­tion Sunday Times/Appointments Page 14.

I am delighted to see Michael Han­nigan of CoWorkinn get­ting a well deserved com­ment­ary in the Busi­ness Section/Appointments.

This is an idea whose time has come.

When I was hired to do a series of images for Michael’s pro­mo­tional mater­ial for Coworkinn I found a won­der­ful and unique atti­tude amongst many of the indi­vidu­als who util­ise the coworkinn centre in Sandyford.

I think the head­ing of the piece in todays Sunday Times dis­cov­ers why such a pos­it­ive atti­tude prevails.

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