People Who Inspire Me

A photographer can no more take a picture of a person than that person can be hypnotized without allowing it to happen.
A person allows me to capture some of their essence in as much as they are willing to share it with the world at that moment in time.

I have found over time that my best work happens when I make a real connection with the people I serve and that reason I believe it is important that I give you some idea of who I am and what I believe in.

I would like to share with you links to some of the people who inspire me via their books or TED talks or whatever other means.

I hope you may find some inspiration here too.

Seth Godin for his many books such as 'Lynchpin' ,'Tribes' and 'Purple Cow' and his daily blog inspiring people to pick themselves and not to be paralyzed by pursuit of perfection before taking action.

Sir Ken Robinson for his inspirational books and TED Talks on Education (at 31+ million views it definitely has triggered interest)

Abraham Verghese for his amazing and reassuring views on doctor/patient relationship. His TED talk message is so relevant.

Simon Sinek for helping me understand the importance of 'Why' we do what we do rather than 'how'. He also helped me understand that leadership is about inspiring others to excel.

Michael Neill for his awesome book 'The Inside Out Revolution' and for introducing me to the Three Principles

Nik Askew for his phenomenal video blog on our humanity

Benjamin Zander - incredible insights into the power of music - to get through to a place in us where logic and reason can't - through his life as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. His lectures on TED are truly enlightening.

Julia Cameron for her book 'The Artists Way', Walking in the World and others. The truth we tell through our art.


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